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If you are one of the discerning online casino players that enjoys playing high limits, there are a few select online casinos that cater to high stakes players offering them generous incentives and rewards for playing at their sites. Most of our high limit casino partners offer substantially higher betting limits on their high stakes casino games to ensure that players with serious bankrolls can get the action they desire when they play online. With betting limits up to 5,000 per hand, our high limits casino partners offer the absolute biggest stakes available anywhere online. Below are our top recommendations of where to play online for big stakes that offer not only increased limits but are also noted as being some of the safest and most secure casinos offered on the Internet.

Icon High Limit Casino USA Bonus Bonus Type Max Bet Play
Ladbrokes Casino Ladbrokes Casino No US 100 100% Match 5,000/Hand Play at Ladbrokes Casino
Cherry Red Casino Cherry Red Casino US Accepted Casino $777 100% Match $1,000/Spin Play at PKR Casino
Bodog Casino Bodog Casino US Accepted Casino 10% Unlimited $500/Hand Play at PKR Casino

Featured High Limit VIP Program

Ladbrokes High Limit BlackjackLadbrokes Casino - As one of the most known and respected brands throughout the UK and worldwide, it's no wonder that Ladbrokes is also able to offer the highest stakes games on the Internet. The site is owned by a publicly traded company on the London Stock Exchange, giving players added security and accountability while playing at the site. VIP players at Ladbrokes who deposit a minimum of 5,000 gaming chips per month will gain entry into the exclusive Ladbrokes VIP player program which features a number of rewards and benefits to members. As a member, you can expect a personal account manager to take care of all your needs as well as exclusive comps in the form of free chips, VIP tournaments, travel packages, gifts, getaways, cash back and tons more just for being a member. If you are planning on playing high stakes at Ladbrokes, you should get in touch with the team after you have signed up and let them know you would like to be entered into their VIP program. An account manager with get in touch with you and rate your play and assuming you satisfy the entry criteria, you will instantly be able to access all of the great VIP benefits that the site offers. Overall, Ladbrokes definitely has the most comprehensive VIP program around and is an excellent choice for higher limit players looking for a quality casino to wager at.

Popular High Stakes Casino Games

Most high stakes casino players tend to migrate towards one of two games being Blackjack and Baccarat. These games are a favourite among high limit players due to the control that the player has in increasing their odds against the house thus improving their chances of winning. By using simple things like basic strategy in these games, a player can significantly reduce the house edge therefore improving their win rate over time at the casino. For this reason, the games of Blackjack and Baccarat are usually the best choice for players looking to play high limit games online. Another less popular but still well liked high stakes casino game is Roulette, which offers a high payout of 36-1 for players that correctly select individual numbers. The reason Roulette may be a good game to play at bigger limits is not only because of the odds for individual number payouts, but also for the colour bets which offer almost a 50/50 chance of hitting (less because of 0,00). If you are looking to make a single big bet and don't want to take on too much risk, Roulette betting on colours may be a smart choice as it gives you a decent chance at winning. Overall, all of the games described here are well liked and recommended for high stakes players due to their good player odds and payout rates, which are offered at all of the casinos listed on our site.

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