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Blackjack Glossary - Common Blackjack Terms

We have compiled a list of frequently used blackjack lingo and table talk that players use to communicate while playing at the tables. Blackjack is one of those casino games that has a lot of slang so learning the proper terms and expressions can be beneficial to new players who want to know what is going on at the tables. Below you will see an alphabetized listing of some of the most popular casino blackjack terms used by players.

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A Terms

Advantage Player - A player who uses card counting to gain a statistical advantage over the house and dealer.

Ace Adjustment - Varying your bet size in relation to the remaining aces left in the shoe.

Ace Tracking - A card counting method that analyzes the number of remaining aces in the deck.

Ace Rich - A shoe that is thought to have lots of aces remaining.

Ace Poor - A shoe that has few to no aces remaining in play.

Action - Sometimes players use this when betting large amounts on hands or when describing a hot blackjack table.

B Terms

Bankroll - The amount of money a player possesses to gamble with, "What's your bankroll?"

Basic Strategy - The optimal statistical playing method that players should follow to maximize odds.

Bust - When the player or dealer's total hand value goes over 21.

Burn Card - When a new shoe is about to start, the dealer will burn or take out of play 1 card to start the shoe.

Black Chip(s) - Refers to a casino chip with a value of $100, which are usually denoted in black.

Baller - A player who is making frequent large bets and gambling high amounts of money.

Bet Spread - The variation of the bets a player makes throughout a single session (ex. between 1-5 units).

C Terms

Card Counting - The process of using a counting system to predict when the show is full of high value cards.

Casino Cage - The place in the casino where players exchange betting chips for real money.

Comp - A free gift from the casino for loyal play, can include free hotel rooms, cash and more depending on play.

Cold Deck - A blackjack table that has been causing players to loose consistently throughout the night.

Colour Up - Exchanging your chips at the table for higher denominations (ex. 4 $25 chips for 1 $100 chip).

Colour In - Giving all of your chips to the dealer to colour up so you may leave the table.

Cut Card - The card that the player gives the dealer to cut the deck before a new shoe begins.

D Terms

Dealing - The process whereby the dealer gives out cards to the players at the table.

Double Down - Placing a secondary wager equal to your initial bet in exchange for one more card only.

Discarded Cards - Cards that have already been played and are to be held until shuffled into the next shoe.

Deck Penetration - The amount of cards to be dealt to players after the cut and before the end of the shoe.

Drop Box - The place that the dealer drops the cash under the table that is exchanged for chips by players.

E Terms

Edge - The percentage advantage that either the player or house has over one another (usually the house).

Even Money - When a player receives blackjack and the dealers up card is an ace, they can opt for even payout.

Eye In The Sky - The thousands of cameras mounted above tables to monitor the casinos assets.

Early Surrender - An option in some blackjack variations to pull back 1/2 your bet if you think you are going to lose.

Expected Win - What the casino reasonable expects to win off of you accordingly to the house advantage.

F Terms

First Base - The playing position right beside the dealer (the first card is dealt here each hand).

Face Cards - Cards with a picture value such as jacks, queens or kings.

Flat Betting - Betting the same amount of units every single hand with no deviation.

G Terms

Gent or Gent It - New world blackjack slang to call for a blackjack when players first card is an ace.

Griffin Book - A listing of known casino cheats including card counters and slot mechanics who are banned from Las Vegas and worldwide casinos.

H Terms

Hole Card - The face down card that the dealer has and does not expose until the end of the hand.

Heads Up - Playing one on one against the blackjack dealer.

Hot Table - A table where the dealer is consistently losing and players are winning.

House Edge - The casinos expected win rate expressed as a percentage over time.

Hit - To request that another card be added to your hand by the dealer.

High Roller - A casino player who makes very large bets and is well liked by the casino.

I Terms

Insurance - An optional bet if you think that the dealer has blackjack which pays 2-1.

Insider - A casino employee who works with a team of players to cheat and defraud the casino.

J Terms

No Terms

K Terms

No Terms

L Terms

Late Surrender - A variation that allows you to get back 1/2 of your bet after double and splitting.

Low Bet - Betting the table minimum and waiting to increase your wager according to the count.

LV/Las Vegas - The Mecca of casino gambling and blackjack, located in the state of Nevada in the US.

M Terms

Multi-Deck - A blackjack game which deals a shoe from multiple decks.

Monkey - A term mainly used by Asian gamblers calling for a dealer bust card during play.

Mechanic - Someone who uses devices or slight of hand to cheat at casino games.

Money Plays - A rare term that allows players to wager with money instead of chips.

N Terms

Natural Blackjack - When the player is dealt a 10 or a face card and an ace for blackjack.

O Terms

Open Face - A variation of blackjack where both of the dealer's cards are exposed to the player.

P Terms

Push - When the player and dealer have the same hand value, the hand is a push.

Pit - The roped off area where the dealers and casino supervisors stand.

Pit Boss - The casino employee responsible for supervising the pit's table game operations.

Paint - A term used when a player wants a face card on a hit (ex. "paint it").

Q Terms

Qualified Hand - A hand that meets bonus criteria set out for some jackpot blackjack game varaitions.

R Terms

Rat - A player who is a degenerate gambler and is brining bad luck and karma to the table.

Re-Split - Splitting a hand for the second time after an initial split.

Running Count - Part of a card counting system which involves keeping track of the count throughout the shoe.

Rating - A method used by the casino to rate a player based on avg. bet and a number of other factors which is used to issue comps to the player.

S Terms

Shoe - The dispenser that the dealer takes all of the cards from.

Session - The term used to describe one time period spent playing a game.

Stand - When the player does not want to add anymore cards to their hand.

Shill - Someone who works for the casino that pretends to be a player to create action or screw up the table flow.

Surrender - An option in some blackjack games to stop your hand and receive 1/2 of your bet back.

T Terms

Toke - A tip that the player gives to the dealer.

Timing - When the player chooses to increase their betting units.

U Terms

Up Card - The dealer's card that is exposed to the players at the table.

Unit - The amount of a chip that the player bets.

V Terms

Vintage - A term sometimes used to describe traditional single card blackjack games.

Variance - The measured change from your expected win rate at the table.

W X Y Z Terms

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner - A term coined by a Las Vegas blackjack dealer which is yelled to players who receive blackjack and was recently glorified in the hit movie 21.

Whale - A casino player who places enormous bets into the $100,000's per hand.

Win Rate - The amount that a player takes off the table in wins each hour.

Yentlemen - A player at the table that you really like and who plays with basic strategy.

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