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Safe Online Casinos

One of the most important things that many players are worried about when they gamble online is finding a reputable and safe casino that is well known in the industry and has a great reputation in terms of service and quality in game play. Our trusted online casinos listing below features the 2 best online casinos to play at that have earned immaculate reputations as some of the safest and best quality casinos around. You can be sure that if you play with either of these partners you will be playing in a secure and discrete environment and that these operators hold themselves to the highest standards and integrity in their operations. Should you have any problems at all with these or any other online casinos on our site, we would ask that you contact us immediately and we will try to assist you with your problem as we have contacts at all of the casinos listed on our site. Below you will find our two best and highest recommendations for safe and trusted casinos online.

Rank Icon Casino USA Bonus Bonus Type Play
1. Bodog Casino Bodog Casino 10% Unlimited Play at Bodog Casino
2. Rushmore Casino Rushmore Casino $888 100% Match Play at Rushmore Casino

Most Trusted Online Casinos

Bodog Casino (Best Account Safety, Security Team) is one of the most secure gaming sites on the planet that uses sophisticated levels of encyption combined with a round the clock security team monitoring every bet placed and move made on the site. You can be assured that when playing as a member of Bodog, you account safety is priority one and the Bodog team is dedicated to ensuring that you have a pleasant and secure gaming experience. For more information on security procedures at Bodog Casino, simply visit their site for full and complete details.

Rushmore Casino (Automated Fraud Protection, Personal Account Managers) is another online casino property that has gone above and beyond to protect their customers and ensure that they offer the highest level of integrity, discretion and security to members of their site. This is done through the use of a complex fraud detection system coupled with personal account managers (for VIP members) who work hand in hand to maintain site security. For further information on Rushmore Casino's security see their website which has full details on security protocols.

Online Casino Warning Signs

In addition to our safe casinos that we recommend to our visitors, we would also like to provide you with a list of warning signs to look out for at online casinos. If any casino that you are playing at shows any of the signs outlined below, there is a good chance that they are not a totally honest operation and you might want to consider changing casinos and reporting them on a public casino forum. Here are some of the top warning signs that you should be aware of to protect yourself while gambling online.

  • Horrible web design, little effort put into the appearance of the casino

  • Unachievable terms to complete deposit bonuses

  • No security checks for accounts and big wins

  • Long waiting periods for cashouts

  • Rude, unhelpful or otherwise un-knowledgeable support staff

  • No terms and conditions

  • Irregular losing streaks at a particular game

  • Refusal to pay out jackpots or bonuses

If you follow this list of suggestions, you should be able to limit your contact with any rogue casino operations online. Remember that we only list reputable casinos on our site so you can be sure that if you sign-up at a casino with us you will only be getting the best and most trusted in online casino gambling.

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Safe Online Casinos

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